Creative Leaps (2-3 year olds):

1 class per week: $65/month

Little Leapers I & II:

1 class per week: $82/month

Kdg B/T Combo, Acro K/1st, Hip Hoppity:

1 class per week: $84/month

1st Grade B/T/J Combo:

1 class per week: $107/month

2nd Grade and Up:

1 class per week: $89/month

2 classes per week: $135/month

3 classes per week: $171/month

4 classes per week: $213/month

5 classes per week: $254/month

6 classes per week: $321/month

7 classes per week: $361/month

*Each additional class is $40 more per month


Tuition rates are based on the full season and divided into monthly payments for simplicity. Tuition rates are not based on individual months or classes. Holidays and non instructional days are considered before calculating the monthly tuition rates. You do not pay for holidays.